Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"WPC K Bechelet Statement" page 2 "It's The Biggy"

Here we go folks, and try not to pop a stitch laughing, this truly is beyond belief !!!

End of last Para: "I returned to police headquarters where once Evans was placed in a cell, heard him bang the door (with his head) a number of times."
Hahaha aahha aahhaha aahh haaaah.

How did she know it was the door that was being banged? How in the hell could she know that the door, if banged, was being banged by my head? As if this crap is not bad enough, look at her statement!!! She has crossed out "with his head" and initialed it !!!

Anyone, owning the tiniest amount of "grey matter" would have rewrote this page. But not this idiot, this idiot has shown "beyond any reasonable doubt" that she was quite clearly copying from someone else's statement. A small case of collusion me thinks!!!

Even more frightening is the fact that no Judge, no Advocate and no Superior Officer has even made a note of this blatant and damning corruption, let alone taken steps to either correct it, or expose it !!!!!


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