Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"PC S Thomas Statement" page 1

Nothing to get in a flap over on this page, in fact, Pc Thomas paints a picture of relative calm, up until the last line.
"I went over to Pc Parker and ascertained that Evans was being arrested and the officers were attempting to place him in the rear of the police vehicle, but due to his obvious violent behaviour, this was proving difficult."
"Obvious violent behaviour"? Err, what obvious violent behaviour? Why is this guy not stating what is happening, and how can it be violent when he refuses to describe any kind of violence! Also worthy of note is the fact that no other officer states that they were trying to put me in the back of the police car !
I hope you are all beginning to understand the garbage that the Jersey Police come out with. They do this because they know they will not be questioned on it by a judge, a defence lawyer or their own superiors.
This is exactly how unaccountable the Jersey Police are, and why they have gotten away with it for so long.

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