Friday, February 19, 2010

"Sgt D.A.Minty Statement" page 1

This clown, in my opinion, is the ringleader for the lies and corruption in this case. The words he uses in this statement are open to interpretation, but nonetheless damning.

Minty shows a clear intention to dramatize matters to a maximum, and pressure other officers into submissions they may not otherwise have made.
This is called "bullying & criminality", not to mention "fabrication of evidence and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice" !!!
"the man who was lying face down on the floor shouting and screaming a torrent of abuse, offering very violent threats to all the officers."
Again, not a mention of one single word used in these vile and alarming threats !!! I wonder why ??? Perhaps that mental illness we spoke of earlier, has reached the higher echelons of command. Eeeek !!!


  1. Also notice the time differences !
    Minty seems to be one of the last officers to be called to assist and he gets the call at 3.40 ... oops. 3.35. However, other officers that were already at the scene when Minty arrived speak of 3.45 or even 3.50.
    (a) How can there be a difference of 15 minutes ? Does not seem a lot to laymen but in terms of police operation, time indications should be a lot more accurate.
    (b) How can Minty get a call for assistance at 3.35 when even Parker himself states that he saw you urinate at 3.35 ? Surely, police officers are trained to record times a lot more accurately !

  2. No need in Jersey I'm affraid

    They have no one too answer to for their inconsistencies, not a lawyer, not a judge, or any superior officer ???