Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"PC R Angell Statement" page 3

Now this page I really enjoyed reading, it is at para: 1 that I started chuckling to myself.
"Evans took hold of Pc Parker's wrist's, and made threats, telling Pc Parker that he was going to kill himself."???
What is this lunatic on about? Why would I want to kill myself? and why do the other two officer's make no mention of this quite bizarre statement? Surely if someone had told you that they were going to kill themselves, you would remember it !!!
Para: 2 "Evans was by now extremely violent and a request for urgent assistance was made." ??? Extremely violent! Hmmm, How? I was not charged with any offence whatsoever in connection with any physical or verbal assaults? I was only charged with urinating in public and violently resisting arrest, and violently resisting arrest in Jersey is a mandatory charge, they charge everyone with it. One can only assume that Pc Angell suffered some sort of delusional mental problem.
Again, no mention of allegedly being placed on the bonnet of the police car and certainly no mention of me being bounced along the road head first. How odd!!!


  1. Ian.

    If their are any rogue cops in the force, I'm sure David Warcup will set "the tooth Fairy" on them.

  2. Yes, the poor tooth fairy has been somewhat redundant for a while now !!!