Sunday, March 6, 2011

"The O'bar Incident" PC Nelson - the perjury

Scene Two: The Police Arrive

SO, whilst the kicking of Graham Cousins was subsiding, our wonderful police arrive. I was pointed out to a police officer by a witness, Slim Miri (general slime ball/liar, and thief) that I was one of the assailants.

Indeed, I was one of the assailants. I punched Cousins twice at the outset of the incident OUTSIDE the nightclub, and never once denied it when questioned by the police. In fact, I told them before they had even asked me about my actions outside of the nightclub. I had punched him twice to put the filthy coward down, down so he could not pick up another lethal weapon to maim or kill his victim. This might sound a little far fetched, but kill, was a distinct possibility with a pint glass. Only good fortune by the merest few inches had stopped Glen Phillips having his Carotid artery severed, possibly suffering a stroke, or even bleeding to death. It takes just a matter of a few minutes to bleed to death when your Carotid artery is severed!

Anyhow, there I was, accused of being one of the gang who beat Graham Cousins, right in front of a police officer! What did police officer PC Nelson do? Well, nothing actually, nothing other than to tell me to “fuck off or I would be arrested”. My response was to tell him that “I was going nowhere until I had found my cross and chain” which Cousins had ripped from my neck a few minutes earlier. However, when in court, and under oath, PC Nelson denied my saying anything about my cross and chain?
I would love to quote, at this juncture, from PC Nelson’s statement; however, this is impossible as my lawyer had never provided me with a copy of it? And to this day, I have still not received a copy of it? There is a good reason for my lawyer not furnishing me with a copy, that reason is that another officer had (in court) concurred with my assertions, and had backed me up in Court by saying that he heard me saying I was going nowhere until I had found my cross and chain. A fact that the corrupt, PC Nelson had denied under oath!
Advocate Renouf asked PC Nelson “did he (Evans) mention a cross and chain to you?” PC Nelson replied “No Sir” Advocate Renouf then said “are you sure about that, sergeant, now?” PC Nelson replied “Yes Sir”. Advocate Renouf then asked “might you have forgotten what Evans said to you after the nine months that has passed since December 19th?” PC Nelson replies “No Sir, No Sir”.
PC Robert Alan De La Cour stated under oath that “Mr Evans was in dispute with another officer who was trying to get him to leave. Mr Evans, however, was concerned about a neck chain that he had lost somewhere near the front step of the O’bar.”
Advocate Renouf then asked, “who was the other officer? Can you remember?”
PC Robert Alan De La Cour stated under oath “PC Nelson, Sir”. Pc De La Cour then goes on to say “he just kept saying that he had lost a neck chain, and PC Nelson was telling him to leave and he said he was refusing to go until he found his neck chain.”
Advocate Renouf also said to PC Nelson “PC De La Cour told us that Evans was in dispute with you, and that Mr Evans was concerned about a neck chain he had lost.”
PC Nelson responds under oath that “I know nothing about a neck chain”. And again “nothing about a neck chain”.
WPC Alexandra Le Chevalier also recalled me going on about my cross and chain. Advocate Renouf asked her “did you hear Ian Evans speaking, even shouting, about the fact that he had lost a chain, a neck chain?” the WPC replied “Yes”.
Also, the head doorman, Sean Brennan, remembers the incident about the chain. He states under oath that “a grey headed policeman, dog-handler, was actually having an argument with Mr Evans”. The prosecutor then asks “can you remember what the argument was about?” Sean Brennan replies “the policeman was asking him to move back from the actual step, and he (Evans) was saying you’re not going to stitch me up for this. He also mentioned at the time that he had lost his chain, which I later recovered from just outside the O’bar”. Sean Brennan also states “I went down because Ian was actually saying he had lost his chain, he had lost his chain”. Advocate Renouf then asked “who was Ian Evans saying this to?” Sean Brennan replied “the grey haired policeman”. Advocate Renouf then said “PC Nelson, yes, I think it would be. That he had lost his chain.”
SO, what conclusions can we draw from the evidence given by PC Nelson?
For one, we know he is a complete and utter liar. Two, he has brazenly committed perjury in the Royal Court. Three, even when confronted with the fact that he might be mistaken about his recollections, he adamantly stated he was not wrong, or mistaken, about the evidence he had given.
Given these facts, his evidence should have been stricken from the proceedings, he should have been charged with perjury, and dismissed from the police force. But hey readers, this is “The Jersey Way”.


  1. Nelson's evidence and perjury will get him a promotion he is clearly one of the boys.

  2. I also stopped someone being glassed while I was out shopping, when I was living in Handsworth. It was a fight outside a pub on Soho Road, it all happened so quickly, I didn't have time to think it through. One man was trying to run away from another man, who had a glass in his hand, and the first man fell over right in front of me, and I started screaming really really loud, and the man with the glass in his hand froze, and that gave the first man chance to run away. I got told off by my companion, a man who went to my church, he said I should not have got involved, and that I could have got glassed, but I didn't think, all I saw was the raised hand and the glass and I just started screaming, I was like on automatic pilot. There was another incident while I was living in Handsworth, a man in Sandwell Park was getting his head kicked in, there was all blood coming out of his eye, it was so horrible, and I started screaming, and the kickers ran off. Then some other men came from the bushes and took the man who had had his eye kicked in off, I wanted to call 999 but they would not let me, I think they were drug dealers, there are a lot of drug dealers in Handsworth.

    You saved that man from being badly injured, possibly even killed, the Police ought to have commended you for your bravery, not arrested you. Anyone who knows you can see what sort of person you are, but the police just seem to tick boxes, they do not seem to have many proper detectives with a moral sense of right and wrong, its a shame.

    I am proud to be amongst your friends though. xx

  3. Its good that you have posted all this, because this crooked policeman should not get away with this. He will more than likely have done the same thing to other people Ian.

  4. Bill Nelson was a heavy handed out and out bully.

  5. Thank you Zoompad, your friendship is truly valued.

    "Bill Nelson was a heavy handed out and out bully."

    That's for sure anon, you are either a victim of his, or one of the decent coppers who deplored bullying....Am I Right?

  6. Nelson gave my mate a good hiding one night. A while later during a friday night fracas my mates Dad took the opportunity and jumped into the melee and battered Nelson.

  7. Should police officers continue to be Politicians?

  8. Well Ian,

    If you find Mr Nelson so distasteful, why do you not confront him personally with the facts I expect he would accommodate you with alacrity!

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  10. I also had a run in with Nelson many years ago, totally agree he was a complete bully who thought he could do what he liked. Nasty piece of work.

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