Sunday, January 30, 2011

"The O'Bar Incident" The Story

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THE STORY: scene 1

As you are now aware, this epic (yet, unfinished) journey began at the O'bar nightclub in December 1995. This saga of grave and criminal assault, corruption, conspiracy, perjury, doctoring of evidence, etc etc, was initiated by one gutless coward known as Graham Cousins. Not content with the privileges he was born into, he decided through his cowardice and drunken bravery, to bring about vicissitudes that would impact on many people, and over many years. Not least of all, myself.

The story begins at the foot of page 7 in section G of the 11 page document that I wrote in prison. As will become clear, I have learned more than is written in this document, as obviously my discoveries have, over time, given a much wider picture of the events following the glassing of Glen Philips by the spineless Graham Cousins.

As we move through the story, I will update the relevant information in relation to the original letter as much has changed since it's creation. Matters take a rather sinister turn from the moment of arrival on the scene by the States of Jersey Police. That is the moment at which the conspiracy, and subsequent fit-up began.

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  1. Cant read it all ,get this This website has been reported as unsafe

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  2. Obviously another Jersey Oligarchy clown wanting to stop people reading the truth about the mind blowing level of corruption on this piss pot island!!!

    Well, screw Jersey's corrupt government. The only way this site gets shut down is if the tossers have me MURDERED....and even then, ALL THE EVIDENCE will still go out on the internet.

  3. "all the evidence will still go out on the internet"

    Reading the above, I cannot actually see any evidence at all - all I can see is your version of the events, which may - or may not - be truthful. Not evidence by any stretch of the imagination. As two of the links seem to contain malicious coding "that might reveal personal or financial information" (according to Google, by the way, not according to 'Jerseys Corrupt Government' I would be inclined to think that you're not entirely honest and trustworthy.

  4. Anon, you may think as you wish, that is your perogative. They know, and I know, the truth.

    The links do "NOT" contain any malicious threats at all, the whole site is scanned on a regular basis. I would never knowingly put anything on any site that I knew contained a threat to the general public, or their equipment. Any clown can report a site for having a virus or malicious threats, which is not indicative of the site actually containing said threats!

    You are correct in your assertion that at present, there is no evidence. Perhaps that might be because I have not published it yet?

    Just a thought.

  5. Hi thanks for the reply.
    It's unfortunate that several of your links have been reported as containing viruses, as it does indeed make interesting reading and I would have liked to see the rest of it.

    I really can't decide if you're for real or not - no offence, but as you admit yourself there is no actual evidence here, at least not yet. You seem articulate and intelligent from your prose, not some mad aggressive nutter - yet the police seem to want to attack you for no reason..? I can't help but wonder what sort of a person you are after a few drinks, as I find it hard to believe that so many policemen would get together and attempt to frame you, for no apparent reason other than your face not fitting.

    As a taxpayer I really hope that you're just exaggerating and there are not really people of this nature in the police force...and yet you have the backing of people which I respect and admire, namely Rico Sorda, Montfort Tadier, and others - which leads me to think maybe you are for real, maybe there really is that much corruption here.

    Either way, I sincerely hope that you find some satisfaction with your attempts to sort all this out. My condolences re your child, I know first hand just how painful this is; eventually, time lessens it somewhat, if that's any help.

    Good luck to you, if these five police are genuinely guilty of assault and perjury then I really hope they get what they deserve, and that you are compensated for the injustice you have suffered.

  6. Tobias, thank you for your thoughts, especially about my son, I am grateful.

    The evidence for the perjury of these five officers is in the top right hand corner of this blog. Just click play for the first tape click play twice for the second tape, and again for the third tape.

    The transcripts of these tapes are in the "Buchannon Affair" postings. Please feel at liberty to peruse the documents and audio.

    Regards Ian

  7. I might add that I am grateful for you pointing out the web warnings which I have just finished reporting as unfounded.

    If you wish to view these pages, please email me and I will send them to you, or via Rico if you prefer.

  8. Tobias, page 7 and 11 are now warning free!

  9. what is the timescale for this account and are you still in prison.

  10. Anon, there is no time scale as the evidence has not been disclosed to me by the Jersey Authorities. They are refusing to divulge the Police report on 'public interest' grounds.

    Without appearing rude to you, they do not let you blog from prison! I was released in April 1998.