Monday, May 31, 2010

"The Buchannon Affair" the epilogue

Since finishing the "Buchannon Affair" postings, I have been pulled in the street about this blog topic by a number of members of the public, and friends and associates of Stuart Buchannon.

Most have come out with phrases like "you could really screw his employment up" and "the police will harass him now". Well, for one, I am sure that Stuart does not live in Jersey anymore, and if he does? So?

Sorry, but I just don't get it!
What Mr Stuart Buchannon did in this case was totally and utterly commendable.

These comments only serve to endorse the (climate of fear) argument that many of us in Jersey are fighting to eradicate. The fear of being honest and telling the truth, is that so bad? Just because the truth happens to be against members and employee's of the Establishment, does not make it wrong or an error of judgement.

Stuart Buchannon went against the grain, and he went against a good friend of his (Pc Andy Smith) who he knew had committed crimes against two innocents! Where is the dishonour in that?

Stuart Buchannon (through his selfless integrity) saved Paul McAvoy from his first criminal conviction for a crime he had not committed. The ramifications of Stuart's actions are imponderable as Paul may have wished to emigrate in the future, or seek employment with some company that required a clean criminal record? Did these five scumbag Jersey Police Officer's think about that when they tried to stitch Paul McAvoy up for a crime he had not committed? NO!!!

Stuart Buchannon, through his honesty and sheer human decency, also saved myself from going to prison for crimes that I had not committed. Again, did Jersey's finest think about that when they tried to stitch me up? NO!!!
All they thought about was protecting themselves and their colleagues from conviction for crimes they had committed.

So, if Stuart Buchannon is harassed by the Jersey Police, I and a number of my allies will be on it like flies on shit!

Furthermore, I would like to point out that any potential employer of Stuart Buchannon would hire him in a minute after reading this blog!!! WHY? Because any potential employer would recognise what an upstanding, honest, forthright person Stuart Buchannon is!!! What company boss would not want a workforce full of people of the calibre of Stuart Buchannon?.... Only the Jersey Establishment and Police, that I can think of.

In short, Stuart Buchannon has done nothing in this case but show us what a real man he is. To those of you who think he did the wrong thing, your judgement is truly clouded indeed.

I shall be indebted to him for all my life, and with the greatest of respect.



  1. Stuart Buchannon sounds like a very good guy.

    - Aangirfan

  2. did you know ian that your case of corrution was investigated by csi martin le brouq who him self was sacked form the force for falseifying notes in his note book.
    says it all really eh !

  3. "So, if Stuart Buchannon is harassed by the Jersey Police, I and a number of my allies will be on it like flies on shit!"

    You are a good man Ian, please keep us posted. One day that tiny little inner core of thugs will understand that they are not going to get away with persecuting innocent and decent people by setting the police - who are paid by taxpayers to investigate crime, not to be the personal Mafia terrorisation squad of a few sharp suited well manicured thugs. Remember - that inner core is very small indeed, and their taxpayer funded protection squad is slowly but surely melting away like a chunk of ice in soda. Soon, they will be standing alone in all their shame and humiliation, this stubborn little knot of extremly wicked people.