Sunday, January 10, 2010

"PC A Bisson Statement" page 2

Para 1: "Evans pushed PC Parker away". Ok, that is assaulting a police officer, why no charges ?

"he continued to shout and swear at the top of his voice". Again, what was said ?

Para 2: "Evans was becoming very volatile and threatening PC Parker." Again, what was said ? In Jersey, shouting a threat at anyone can be classed as an assault, or a Grave & Criminal Assault. Especially if directed toward a police officer, and if with a threat of physical violence toward said officer's, so why no charges ?

"as I moved closer to Evans, he stated he would fucking have us all if I moved any closer." Why does PC Parker make no mention of this threat in his statement ? Another threat, and one of physical violence with which to charge me, but no charge was preferred.

Para 3: "Evans then began to go through his pockets and he removed a red Swiss army knife from his pocket." So, there I am, seething with rage, out of control, screaming and shouting at the top of my voice, having already assaulted one police officer and twice threatened all officers, once with physical violence !!! and I calmly empty my own pockets and hand over a knife to PC Parker ????? It's FUCKING ALICE IN WONDERLAND ISN'T IT, REALLY !

Para 4: "At this point, Evans began to shout at PC Parker, stating he wanted his knife back". Can any of you seriously believe this crap ?

"Evans then grabbed hold of PC Parker's wrist's." Yet another assault, but no charges preferred, why the hell not ? Also, PC Parker, at this point, says that I grabbed his jacket then his wrist's, why does Bisson not say this ?

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