Sunday, January 10, 2010

"PC A Bisson Statement" page 3

I cannot even be bothered commenting on this page, except for two points.

Para 3: "Evans was placed against the bonnet of the police car." Err, no he wasn't, he was kicked and sticked on the knee's, and beaten to the floor. Even if he was placed on the bonnet, why does PC Parker not say this in his statement ???

Para 3: "He placed both his hands beneath himself, while lying face down and locked them in a grip together, through his belt hoops." Oh my fucking God, that's fucking amazing, PC fucking Bisson, has x-ray fucking vision !!! He can see right through my body and tell us all what I was doing with my hands. Well Bisson old chap, you were wrong, I was fidgeting with my nuts !

One other point worthy of note from this paragraph, how do you get both your hands through belt hoops ? I am getting really sick of the crap coming from this idiot. Let's move on to the last page of his statement, THANK CHRIST.

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