Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"The Police Surgeon's Report" it's the biggy folks

Remember this headline a few posts back ! Well, it is not the honourable Dr Hickson this time, it is his work colleague the totally corrupt Dr Holmes, A.K.A Police Surgeon. Funnily enough though, they share the same address and practice ? This guy will spout off any horse shit that the Jersey Authorities want him to, at a price of course. So without further ado, lets get to it.
Dr Holmes is the corrupt Police Surgeon that I mentioned whilst commenting on the honourable Dr Hickson's report. I said we would get to him later, and here we are. We will come across this guy many times again in the future, so remember him.
We will ignore the first paragraph as it is the mandatory crap that this fella comes out with, and is of no real consequence, or value. Para 2, "On examination, it was obvious that the stress of these two arrests had had a marked effect on PC Parker". I can imagine so, especially after viewing the damage that he and his buddies had inflicted on me ! You can just picture it can't you, Parker sitting there next to the doctor looking like "the pilot in the film, Airplane, quivering like jelly". Christ, where do these people get off ? According to this imbecile, the mark on PC Parker's arm is fingertip bruising ! So why are there not at least three or four small round singular marks on Parker's arm ? Furthermore, why is there no photograph of the alleged bruised thumb or the other wrist ? If you already distrust this idiot by now, wait until you see the garbage he comes out with in 1996 & 1997, UNBELIEVABLE, it really defies logic.

"PC Parker's Injuries" 1 photo

Remember in my summary I said that no Policemen suffered injury ? So I bring you the photograph of PC Parker's injuries, confused, yup, well so am I keeping in mind that I never laid a finger on any officer !

This is a photograph of the horrific wounds that I apparently inflicted on PC Parker during my uncontrolled fit of rage !!! As you can see, this brave protector of the public has had some traumatic ordeal. I really don't know how I lived with myself after viewing this photo ?
Can you see it ? the injury I mean ? Furthermore, who's arm is it anyway ? When was the picture taken ? and by whom ? and where ? Typical Jersey Police, no chain of evidence. Any crap will do as long as we can convince a judge that it is as we profess it to be. My guess is that this is an old photo of a copper from another case, the Jersey Police have then stuck a little sticker on it at number 16 and proclaimed to the world that this was in fact, PC Parker's arm !!!

"PC Parker 2nd Statement" 2 pages

So, four days on from his original statement and three weeks on from the incident, we now have more to contemplate. Parker realises that he has screwed up and decides to try and enhance his initial statement with some dubious explanation as to why I would suddenly go into the purported, fit of rage !!! You must ask yourselves, "why was this not in his original statement" ?

This new statement is clearly designed and constructed to show myself in a bad light, and gives rise to speculation that I had reacted badly to the news that I was in fact wanted, for the evil crime of incurring a parking ticket ! If this was the case, could the Police not have just asked me to attend the Police Station the next morning to clear matters up ???
Parker says how he was prepared to let me off with a verbal caution, these words are not the words used but there we are. He then states that "providing that he was not wanted the matter would go no further". He then goes on to drool about me being able to hear the conversation on his radio, I do not speak Police code as I have never been a Police Officer !!!
Parker then states "Evans would clearly have heard the reply not wanted". I never heard any such thing, Parker must be psychic ? Then he says "I received a coded reply to the effect that Evans was wanted locally". Again, I am not rehearsed in the art of Police code chat, but make your own minds up !